Lefkothea has the biggest history in Women’s Football in Cyprus. It was founded in 1983 by Mr. Nikos Giatrou along with Ms. Chrysoula Lampaski and Mr. Ermis Reires. As it was expected the first years were very difficult and with many obstacles. It was a bumpy ride trying to promote women’s football in Cyprus, but with persistence and a lot of patience the staff, coaches and players managed to build the women’s football team called “LEFKOTHEA”.

Since women’s football in Cyprus was not as popular at the time, Lefkothea ended up playing with women teams that were visiting Cyprus for their pre-season training and with youth and veteran teams.

In 1984 the first ever unofficial women’s tournament took place with only 4 teams, Lefkothea Nicosia, LA Bella Limassol, Paphiana Pafou and Aphrodite Larnaca.

After 13 years the struggles and fights that Lefkothea had for women’s football where finally put aside. In 1997-1998 the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) held the first unofficial women’s championship; and in 1998-1999 with 5 teams, Aek Kokkinochorion, Dafni Troullon, Thiella Ammochostou, LA Bella Limassol and Lefkothea Latsion, the CFA launched the first official women’s football championship. The year where Lefkothea became the first official Women’s Football Champion with 24 points and 87 goals.

The following years where the beginning for women’s football in Cyprus. More and more teams where taking part in the women’s championship and with even more opportunities for development, Women’s national team was activated and UEFA championship participations, with Lefkothea being the first to open the road to Europe for women football teams in Cyprus.


Lefkothea was the first women’s football team from Cyprus that managed to play in Europe in 2002. Even though the results were not what they wanted, the people behind the club, players and staff said it was a wonderful experience that will never be forgotten.